Getting Smoke Free, by John Biddle BrisDoc OOH Team Manager

free-quit-kitGetting Smoke Free, by John Biddle BrisDoc OOH Team Manager

I’m writing this article on 9th January 2017 which means that it’s over 20 months since I last smoked a cigarette. Well, it’s 1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks, 2 days and a couple of hours actually!

It was 17th April 2015 when I made my most recent attempt to break my long term love affair with tobacco, an affair which started 47 years ago when a girl at school, whose name I have long forgotten, told me that smoking made me look so grown up and cool (she might have said hip or groovy – it was the 60’s!)

My wife and daughters have never smoked and I now shudder to think how many passive cigarettes I have shared with them over the years.

I always knew it was bad for my health and pocket and always intended to give up “soon” but it always seem so much easier to do it tomorrow. Tomorrow never came until the arrival of my twin Granddaughters in August 2014.

I was mortified when my daughter pointed out to me that Olivia and Isabelle always smelt like ashtrays when I handed them back after a cuddle.

I won’t profess that abstaining has been easy. I don’t think I’ll ever be a non-smoker. At best, I’m a smoker who hasn’t given in yet today.  However, I’m convinced that to stand any chance of giving up you need a very strong reason. I had two …..

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