BrisDoc in Kampala Uganda

You may wonder from the photos what this has to do with BrisDoc!?!

The Pictures were taken at the site of the a new Primary Care Centre being built in Kampala, one of the poorest and most disadvantaged areas of Uganda, Africa.

Uganda has been struggling for decades with issues of poverty and Kampala, its capital city, is no exception. The migration of residents from rural to urban areas has led to growing pockets of poverty in the capital. The poor of Kampala live in slums where nearly all citizens are unemployed. Most attain money by begging in the streets. With a population of 1.2 million people in the city, access to clean and safe water is limited to 65 percent. The remaining 35 percent risks contamination and disease by getting water from highly contaminated sources.

The Wellspring Community Project is a charity that was set up to help develop essential local services and so far it has built schools, various micro-finance projects, a church, as well as a primary care facility which over time has become too small to cope with the demand of the fast growing population, and needed to be re-built.

BrisDoc’s Community Fund was set up in 2014 with the aim of supporting disadvantaged groups within our local community as well as in the developing world. Wellspring’s Community Project was chosen as an international project that BrisDoc could support with both time and finances.

Former BrisDoc Directors, Dr Iain Crofton-Briggs and Helen England had developed strong links with Wellspring after a visit to Kampala in Uganda to see the fantastic work being done by the charity.

BrisDoc’s Community Fund has committed funding to the build of a new primary care centre which we are now very pleased to say is well under way.

We will keep you updated on the progression in Kampala.