BrisDoc performing well in the 2017 UHUK Patient Safety Culture Survey

uhuk-surveyThis survey was undertaken by Audit South West for UHUK, the Out of Hours member organisation BrisDoc is part of. All employed staff (except BMC) were invited to participate in the survey. 98 (compared to 32 in the 2015/16 survey) BrisDoc staff participated out of a total of 707 across all UHUK Members. BMC staff were not included because they had recently completed the SCORE survey. Self-employed GPs had also completed the SCORE survey and were excluded.

Many thanks to those who completed the survey. BrisDoc had the highest number of participants of the 13 UHUK organisations that participated, which gives us confidence in the robustness of the results.

Across 14 questions the survey sought the views of staff about BrisDoc’s culture with respect to patient safety. Our overall score was 83 compared to a UHUK score of 78, the higher the score the more positive staff felt. This was an improvement on our score of 81 last year.

BrisDoc staff rated highly our approach to keeping patients safe with respect to having:

  • Good procedures and systems for preventing errors from happening,
  • Managers who seriously consider your suggestions for improving patient safety,
  • A climate provided by senior management that promotes patient safety.

You also said that:

  • serious errors were analysed thoroughly although we scored less well on handling medical errors appropriately,
  • we actively do things to improve patient safety,
  • it is easy for staff to ask questions if they do not understand something,
  • managers will look into potential serious safety incidents if raised by staff,
  • we do a good job of training new staff although you said we were less good at this year was supervising trainees (clinical and non-clinical)
  • far fewer of you felt you were made to feel a bit of failure if you made an error.

You said BrisDoc is a good place to work and that BrisDoc’s management was doing a good job.

You did say that when your workload became excessive you started to worry about your performance becoming impaired. We have started to work on a Health and Well-being strategy for BrisDoc.

In the organisation we are actively doing things to improve patient safety

0% Strongly agree
0% Agree
0% Neutral

This is a good place to work

Strongly agree 57%
Agree 39%
Neutral 3%
N/A 1%

My manager seriously considers staff suggestions for improving patient safety

Strongly agree 50%
Agree 39%
Neutral 7%
Disagree 3%
N/A 1%

Some of the comments you included in the survey were as follows:

“I believe there is a strong focus on patient centred care which is a clear theme throughout the organisation. I feel that my organisation creates a learning culture and is keen to see people develop.”

“I enjoy working for this service, I have always felt supported.”

“I get feedback about my performance though and know this applies to my peers. I can also see that systems and processes have been tightened up, thus ensuring more accountability. So I am aware of improvements in the service regarding safety. All the processes in place now are positive, and must be deemed to be needed in the diverse employment and in meeting standards. This gives some reassurance that the service wishes to maintain and improve safety for staff and patients.”

Thank you everyone who participated, you have helped to give us some really rich feedback about our culture on patient safety. There are areas we can improve on and we will discuss these at the Clinical and Service Governance Board.