Northville – Cycling to success !

cycling to success pictureAiming to collectively walk 5 million steps is a great challenge to boost your health and well-being. However, many of the staff at Northville Family Practice were finding this hard to achieve.

However, Margo Curry (Northville HCA) manages to clock up an impressive twelve miles round from her home in the centre of Bristol out to Northville on her work days. Margo has calculated that she walks about 60 miles every week, rain or shine, her own personal 5 million step challenge.

Many of the team at Northville manage to cycle to work with GPs Trina Leskiw, Rory Hamilton, Alison Hutchings and Tom Buckman regularly arriving and doing visits on two wheels. Now the nicer weather has arrived, Karen Biddel (practice manager) has started to cycle and Tracey White (HCA) has pledged to do the same. Teresa McKillop (Receptionist) has also arrived on two wheels this year, that’s a lot of the team.

It looks like parking at Northville will soon be a problem – for bikes!