Rucksacks for the homeless

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Rucksacks for the homeless project such a fantastic success. In total we managed to fill 50 rucksacks, each containing a set of thermal gloves, scarf, hat and socks, clean underwear and a clean set of clothes, a full set of toiletries and a wind-up torch. We also had an impressive collection of winter coats donated this year and 50 sleeping bags donated by the BrisDoc Community Fund.

The rRucksacks for the homeless from BrisDocucksacks were colour coded with subtle blue or purple detail to indicate if the content was suitable for male or female to help when handing out. Special consideration was made to order black rucksacks and sleeping bags following feedback from previous years as bright ones can sadly be a bigger target for thieves.

20 sleeping bags and rucksacks made their way to ‘Somewhere to go’ in Weston, a homeless drop-in centre which provides hot food and a warm and dry day centre. The Service Manager, Joan Eales, wrote to us to say, “Thank you all for your wonderful donations. We are so grateful that you have thought about our homeless here in Weston. Thank you for your generosity and support”.

The remaining 30 were taken over to BrisDoc’s Homeless Health Service in Bristol to be handed out by our clinicians to the patients most in need.

Projects like this make you realise what a generous and caring workforce we have here at BrisDoc, thank you all.