Robyn White: Digging Deep and Climbing High

Robyn White - Digging DeepThroughout the past year Robyn White has been fundraising for a charity called Dig Deep that provides clean water and sanitation for communities in Africa by asking people to sponsor her climb of Mount Kenya. Robyn said “ I was really touched and surprised at the amount of people that responded with really generous donations to the cause.”

Whilst in Kenya Robyn visited Male School where building work was underway to build new toilets and washrooms for the children thanks to your donations. Not only does this improve the children’s living conditions, but has a massive impact on their education, especially that of young girls. Many young girls miss school once a month because they are ashamed of their periods, and without access to proper toilets and sanitation, maintaining a good education just isn’t possible. With the new facilities that are being built however, this is going to drastically change, and girls will be able to go to school without having to feel embarrassed and scared.